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What is AcTA

AcTA is a nonprofit company that exists for the independence of African Intelligentsia to unlock and fight to reach equitable ratios of black South Africans, in all departments and specialties of health and other professions across the different levels of academia.  AcTA believes that by attaining this equitable representation, the socio-economic status of the country and its citizens will improve.  The organization is constituted by concerned members of the medical profession constituted as the Academic Transformation Association (AcTA). The current membership includes medical doctors practicing in various capacities both in public and private sectors seeking to improve the training and qualification of black medical specialists in South Africa.

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Why join ACTA

Pre-1994 it was normal and expected for indigenous black South Africans especially females to be regarded as sub-human and incapable of achieving anything academically. Their male counterparts however were would be subjected to direct torture and humiliation. Because of fear of uncontrolled expansion of the black middle class, the apartheid government ensured that only a very few selected black South Africans were spoon-fed opportunity to be educated or to be economically viable. The selection was overwhelmingly based on ability to compliant and to be able to accept that it was normal for the black majority to be poor and remain loyal to whites for their survival. Tightly controlled and selective empowerment also explains the divide and rule policy of the then government.

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