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What is ACTA


AcTA is a nonprofit company that exists for the independence of African Intelligentsia to unlock and fight to reach equitable ratios of black South Africans, in all departments and specialties of health and other professions across the different levels of academia.  AcTA believes that by attaining this equitable representation, the socio-economic status of the country and its citizens will improve.  The organization is constituted by concerned members of the medical profession constituted as the Academic Transformation Association (AcTA). The current membership includes medical doctors practicing in various capacities both in public and private sectors seeking to improve the training and qualification of black medical specialists in South Africa.

What does AcTA do?

AcTA’s raison detre : transformation of medical training in SA to enable increased human resource production especially from black population.

  1. AcTA wants to expand access and improve quality of health-care services in South Africa especially to specialist services for our poor black population.
  2. AcTA wants to increase the production of black specialists in medicine.
  3. AcTA wants to increase production of general doctors.
  4. Improve the doctor-patient ratio and the specialists-population ratio for South Africa especially among our poor black population.
  5. Help expanding the learning and training platforms for medical doctor training for both undergraduate and postgraduate training.
  6. Help increased production and quality of our nursing staff and allied workers.
  7. Help government to develop skills and human resource for health facilities management.
  8. Help identify, support and develop black medical academics.
  9. Increase intake and production of general doctors and specialists in South Africa.
  10. Increase intake and production of nurses and other health care workers in South Africa.
  11. Provide support services for black registrars in various training centres in the country – academic, psychological and otherwise.
  12. Provide a variety of support for medical students in training in all medical schools in the country – academic, advisory and otherwise.
  13. Influence policy at government level and in private sector to enhance quality health care delivery.
  14. Influence policy for development and training at the Health Professional Council of South Africa.
  15. AcTA provides academic support programs for registrars in various disciplines through tutorials, clinical workshops, exam technique coaching etc
  16. AcTA provides a platform for exchange of information for students and academics in different training institutions.
  17. AcTA monitors progress, failures and successes of Phd students in different medical schools in the country.
  18. AcTA inspires aspirant young black children to becomes doctors, specialists and academics in a variety of disciplines the profession offers
  19. AcTA promotes collaboration between South African medical schools and others in the continent and the 3rd world to promote access to specialist care among the poor people in previously colonised countries.